Applications & Conditions

How to apply?

Participant selection

Each year, participants of the JCDecaux Award exhibitions are selected through an open call. From all the proposals received, the exhibition curators select five projects which form a conceptual group exhibition. Participants can be either individual artists or artist collectives.

Conditions of the competition

The selected artists/collectives will receive aproduction budget of 1 500 euro and curatorial support.

By agreeing to participate in the project, creators also agree to work with the project’s communication and education teams to promote the project and attract a wider audience to the exhibition.


Artists with Lithuanian citizenship (including those living abroad);

Foreign artists who have officially resided in Lithuania for at least 2 years;

Applications are open to all artists aged 18 and above;

Emerging artists, meaning those who have not yet exhibited in the most important national and international institutions.


– a summary of the project (up to 5 sentences);

– a description of the project (maximum one sheet of A4 paper);

– visual materials of the project (preliminary visualisations, sketches, storyboards);

– provisional estimate for implementation;

– a free-form CV and portfolio.

All material must be submitted in a single PDF file no larger than 5MB.

Please contact us at if you have any questions about submitting an application.

Submitting an application

Applications can be submitted by midnight on 26 May, 2023 using the form on the website ( and submitting the necessary application material. Meetings with potential candidates will take place in June. The exhibitors will be announced in July. The opening of the JCDecaux Award 2023 is scheduled to take place at the National Gallery of Art in the second half of October this year.

At the end of the exhibition, a cash prize of €4,000 will be awarded to one participating artist or collective, as decided by the international jury.

Artworks by Eglė Razumaitė ir Maarten Brijker

Process and stages of the project
Open Call

The curators select 5 projects from the submitted applications.

Exhibition and preparing for

The authors of the selected projects are invited to realise the works described in the application in an exhibition. The work of each participant or collective receives a production budget of €1,500 and curatorial support. The selected projects are developed in collaboration with the exhibition curators, architects and technical team, and professional consultation is organised where necessary.

Main award and audience award

„JCDecaux premijos“ laimėtojas yra paskelbiamas parodos pabaigoje. Jį išrenka nepriklausoma ir iš anksto paskelbta tarptautinė komisija, susidedanti iš menininkų, kuratorių bei kitų meno lauko profesionalų.

Pagrindinės premijos laureatas gauna „JCDecaux Lietuva“ įsteigtą 4000 Eur premiją bei galimybę savo kūrybinius projektus pristatyti lauko reklamos erdvėse, reklaminio paketo vertė 5000 Eur.

Publikos prizo laureatas taip pat paskelbiamas parodos pabaigoje. Jį parodos metu išrenka lankytojai, palikdami savo balsą ekspozicijoje esančioje balsadežėje. Publikos prizo laureatas apdovanojamas. 5000 Eur vertės lauko reklamos paketu, kurį gali panaudoti savo kūrybiniams projektams pristatyti.

"The Sun Is Above Things" by the duo allsofeatherlightseven